just what am i trying to do?

When I first decided to create a WordPress blog, I wanted a head start on learning about WordPress because my office planned to move the professional communities of practice we support from MovableType to WordPress. It was immediately clear, however, that I had to decide what my personal purpose would be since blogging on “how I learned to use WordPress” would be about as interesting as any elementary school child’s description of family summer vacations. I needed to learn, but I didn’t want to be boring.

At the time I began Better Than the Alternative, I was in the limbo years of being above the age at which I could retire with an immediate pension and the age at which I would be eligible to sign up for Social Security and Medicare. I had already retired as in stopped working as a career employee of the federal government, but I have continued to work as contingency staffing, through a contractor who gets a slice off the top of what is charged to my agency for my services. Since preparing for real retirement (as in no longer having to go to work for eight hours a day) was on my mind, I decided to focus on my thoughts and reflections on issues I was facing or would have to face that I had previously thought only pertained to my parents’ generation.

Thus arrived Better Than the Alternative. My youngest brother’s unexpected diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia followed shortly after, making it very clear that it was not too early to begin focusing on end-of-life issues as well as end of work-life issues. My brother, after all, had just passed 50. His death less than two months later and my father’s deteriorating health provided food for thought.

More recently, I have been following how technology impacts the lives of seniors. This is a rich field of material I hope will keep me posting throughout the rest of 2014.


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