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the grandma pose

A woman in the streets of Shanghai by Kris Krug, on FlickrI don’t know when I first noticed it, but I know it’s new: my new pose as I walk behind my grandson. His legs are still small so he has to take a lot of steps to cover the distance I cover in one stride, so I find myself waiting for him now and then. And that’s when I noticed it – the grandma pose. The backs of my hands rest on my hips. Not the palms of my hands – that’s the what-did-you-just-do pose – the backs of my hands.

Where did it come from?
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  Kris Krug 


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links i love

I’ve been very bad this week. I have to catch up on five days’ worth of Blogging 101 in just one day.

But the first one is easy. Here are some blogs I love, and why I love them: – It covers the same issues I cover, but with an edge I wish I could carry off. – I also have Minnesota roots that I keep finding reasons to love in spite of the fact that I spent the better part of 21 years trying to figure out how to escape. – Who doesn’t need improved health? – My niece is the most AMAZING elementary school art teacher and her blog proves it! – A work colleague writes this one. She inspires me both at work and once the work day ends.