the perfect purse

purse_1Setting aside the price, I found the perfect purse for someone of my age. You know, for someone who is facing fewer years in my future than the many years of my past. Years that promise increasing weakness, even feebleness, which improve the likelihood of being targeted by pick pockets and muggers. It is a black leather Calvin Klein.

  • It’s black – the perfect color for my wardrobe.
  • It’s leather – the perfect long-lasting material.
  • It has two side compartments that snap closed – perfect for temporarily stashing my cell phone when I need it to be handy. See the right arrow on the image above
  • It has a clip to hold keys on an internal leather strap just long enough for me to tuck the keys into one of the side compartments – a perfect way to keep the keys handy, but safe from being stolen. See the left arrow on the image above.
  • The straps are long enough for me to carry the purse over my shoulder – perfect for keeping it close to me and away from pick pockets.
  • It has two large zipper compartments – perfect for keeping what I carry in it like my wallet and eyeglasses out of reach of pick pockets.
  • Both the zippers close in the same direction – perfect for me to keep them in front of me when I walk, protecting the contents from pick pockets.
  • It has an open central compartment that closes with a snap – perfect for keeping what I need to get to quickly, like a pen, my business cards, and Kleenex.

If it weren’t for the price, it would be perfect. Now, if it lasts more than four years, the per-year-cost will bring it down to the price I have been paying for the imperfect fake leather purses that I have to give up because a handle rips off or a zipper breaks. Then it will be the perfect purse.




2 thoughts on “the perfect purse

  1. What size is it? It looks too big for me at my age. Big purses are heavy even without a lot of stuff in them. That is hard on the back.

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